Computer-aided translation software for Mac?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi everybody

My dad is almost ready to throw his Windows PC in the trash. Only one thing keeping him back: He's a translator (English-German / German-English), and uses a software called "Deja vu" by some spanish company. It's basically a glorified front-end to an Access database, it "watches" you translate words, saves those words in the DB, and sooner or later you'll have filled the DB with so many words and phrases that you just have to throw a complete text at it and it will translate it for you. Not perfectly of course, but it'll take the bulk of the work of your hands.

So recently he sez "I'd switch to Mac, but I can't find a Deja Vu replacement".

My question is, does anybody know of any CAT (computer-aided translation) software for Mac? Rolling his own (using Filemaker or similar) isn't really an option, as neither he nor me is versed in that kinda programming/scripting.

Hope I'm posting this in the right forum, it's my first post.




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