AWFUL sound problem with G4 Mini

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
About a month ago, I had the most dreadful problem with my Mac Mini. When I started it, the boot sound was VERY loud and distorted. After it started, every sound was equally distorted - from notification sounds to iTunes music. It even happened when I plugged in speakers or headphones (that both worked fine with my iPod). I tried restarting, playing with the iTunes equalizer (and then shutting the equalizer back off), and then I just took it to the Apple Store and they replaced the logic board and it seemed to be fine.

Well today, I woke my Mini up from sleep and I'm having the same issue. I tried resetting the PRAM this time and I seem to have no luck. Everything else is the same: tried headphones, restarted, played with the equalizer. I'd really like some suggestions before I take it back to the Apple Store again.

I can't really imagine that it was really the logic board in the first place because everything worked fine except audio. At any rate, it's kind of a big deal because now I can't play any games (I FINALLY got the Sims for Mac) or watch movies or listen to music...which kind of covers 90% of my usage on that machine.

Any ideas?
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