Lotus Notes mail for classic question

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Where I used to work, they stopped using macs about 2 years ago. Well, they recently moved operations to Dallas and when they did this, they gave away all the mac software. I was given a full Lotus Notes email application.

Can I use this to access my regular home email account? I currently use Outlook express but I have always preferred Lotus notes mail.


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    composercomposer Posts: 212member
    Which Client is it? 5.0 might. I used 4.x and could only connect to Lotus Notes servers.

    Anyway, contacts don't export or imprt well, forget calendar items, and to-dos.

    Unless you connected to a Notes Server, stick with Outlook Express.
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    Are you talking about using Notes in Classic? Or natively in 9?

    Anyway, the current version, 5.10, will allow you to setup Notes for POP in OS 9. If you want to run Notes in X without Classic, register at notes. net and download beta 2 of Notes for X. It has its issues, but it works.

    Keep in mind that Notes in 9 is buggy as hell, but there are fixes. I've been "beta testing" Notes for the Mac for two years now, and I've learned all the quirks of it.
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,397member

    I have version 4.5 for PPC.

    And thanks for the feedback.
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    I don't know if 4.5 supports internet mail.

    Worse comes to worse, you can read the documentation that came with the software, look at Lotus.com or just throw caution to the wind and install the bastard and see what happens.
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    composercomposer Posts: 212member
    They might even let you upgrade for free...
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