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hey -

this might refer to older versions, too, but I don't remember having the question before, so...

I sort of like that iTunes will keep my Music folder organized with album and artist sub-folders and everything. However, I've never used this before - up till now I've kept downloaded music in the Shared folder that LimeWire and Acquisition both use. Music ripped from a CD has gone where iTunes has put it - in the Music folder, apparently.

So, I've told iTunes to copy downloaded songs to the Music folder, which means I can delete the originals from the Shared folder. All well and good - probably better to keep it from getting too bloated anyway. (Obviously, it means I'm not sharing them anymore, but my compunctions about not contributing to LimeWire are another issue. Right now I just want to keep my system tight and organized)

So my real question - right now my Music folder is filled with stuff I downloaded before I got iTunes 3 - before today, basically. New downloads are automatically copied there, but it looks like old downloads are there, too! The wierd thing is, iTunes says I have about a gig of music in the library (and my shared folder has about 700 megs of music), but the Music folder is about 300 megabytes in size - 300 megs of ripped music. So obviously, iTunes has not copied all my downloaded music there, even though it shows the actual files for mp3's I know I have downloaded. Does that make sense? It's as if iTunes has put aliases in the Music folder - aliases to actual files in the Shared folder. However, if I get info on the "downloaded" stuff in the Music folder, it calls them mp3's and says they're 3 or 4 megabytes in size.

Very strange. What I want is all my music in one place. The Music folder seems like a good candidate for that place, and iTunes knows to reorganize it, which is cool. However, I don't want duplicates in the Shared folder for no reason, but I don't want to trash the single copies, either.

Any ideas?


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    In iTunes, go to the Advanced menu, and choose, "Consolidate Library..." This will move any files in your iTunes Library list into your Music folder. It warns you that it won't be able to undo this, so just be sure that you want to do this.
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