Nokia N70 and address Book

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I've just aquired a new Nokia N70 mobile phone. I seem to be having problems syncing it using isync. isync cant find the device (which is connected via USB). I was informed that the N70 was a mac compatible phone.

Also how do I copy multiple vcards from the address book via bluetooth. At this point it's only allowing me to copy one card at a time although I have selected several cards for copy.

I'm running OSX 10.3.9




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    I had the same problem with my Nokia N80, I have found a solution but unfortumatley it does not work with your OS Version.

    NovaMedia iSync Plugin

    You may want to contact them and see if they have a version that will work on your OS.
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    farugefaruge Posts: 14member
    Basically what I'm trying to do is get the contents of my address book into my N70 via either USB or Bluetooth. The issue I have at present with Bluetoothing vcards from address book is that it's not allowing me to send multiple cards and I don't fancy the idea of having to them individually.

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    tadunnetadunne Posts: 175member
    I have an N70 and I can sync the address book fine just using iSync and bluetooth. I don't think isync will work over usb?

    Also isync will syncronize your address book no need to copy over v cards one at a time..
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