Can someone recommend a good blue tooth set up for me?

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I'm moving into a rather small NYU dorm this fall and in order to use my desk to the fullest I would like pretty much everything wireless. Can you guys recommend any good blue tooth mice, keyboards and printers? I like Apple's, but I would rather not change the batteries every other week. A wireless printer would be a must, and since I'm in a dorm I don't think I can set up a personal wifi connection.


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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    Try Logitech stuff...? I like Logitech. I'm still using a Logitech PS/2 mouse from like 10 years ago on my PC.

    Some Logitech bluetooth mice have a nice charging station thingy.

    You should have every right to set up your own wifi network? How would it be different in terms of using bluetooth? or cell phones? It's just another wireless signal messing with our brain cells and what not

    You need a wireless router with ethernet ports as well. Then a printer which has a network port. Connect printer to router (wired), access printer over your personal wifi network. Just lock down the wifi network with all the WPA/ WEP/ whatever security stuff.

    I can't recommend any printers, but the Logitech bluetooth mouse with rechargeable batteries would be sweet.
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    g_warreng_warren Posts: 713member
    If you are after a wireless printing setup, bluetooth is an awkward and ill supported options, whilst ethernet printers can be pricey. How about an airport express base station coupled with any old USB printer. It also lets you have your mac music through your hi-fi too if you so wish.

    I use the Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse and find they work pretty well. I get about 6-8 weeks out of the mouse, and god knows how many months out of the keyboard batteries! Batteries aren't a big problem and I'm a fairly regular user.
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