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Anyone else notice how fast these analysts change their tune?

Earlier this week they were bashing AAPL citing iPod delays and stock option probes and claiming sales wont be up to par.

AAPL releases record numbers...shoots up 12%...and all of a sudden these idiots call apple a buy. "The stock options problem is fading", "iphone is coming", and "we think mac sales are going to be great".

If they knew what they were talking about maybe they could advise investors BEFORE the stock makes its move. Not afterwards. They are basically just explaining what just happened to the stock, not what is going to happen.

I honestly have trouble believing how ridiculous this is...But then I refer to my signature...

down here...


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    I was like wow, but seriuosly next time make your thread title a little more descriptive.
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    Originally posted by wealjays

    Anyone else notice how fast these analysts change their tune?

    Break it down man:

    Lets do a little bit of back-yard etymology


    anal: Of, relating to, or near the anus.

    analys: To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations...or more importantly to this company: To psychoanalyze.

    So an analyst is an asshole who studies the psycology of a company and to a lesser extent in apples case, the hard numbers.

    While we are on the subject, lets break down brokers:

    er- a suffex that means "one who does or makes"

    Broke -- a lack or absance of money

    broker -- to make broke.
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