Getting Firefox to Display Streaming Videos ect...

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I can't figure out what plug in a need to play streaming videos that are imbedded into many sites now days(, ect.) I got it to work wtih safari but with Firefox it always displays some green wrench or something to symbolize it won't play and when I hit "find plug ins" it just takes me to microsofts website.

I already have windows media player installed...whats the hold up?

I am running OSX(the latest version) on a MacBook.


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    furious_furious_ Posts: 88member


    xvid plug ins for media player?

    list goes on, it may not be a firefox plug in.
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    chikarachikara Posts: 116member
    I have no idea. I believe they are windows media player formatted or something. Just most streaming videos in general that are embedded in a site I cannot watch. I figured this would be a common problem.

    Flash seems to run fine though...
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