OS X Compatible Document Scanners?

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Can anybody recommend a tried and tested solution for document scanning under OSX? Duplex scanning and automatic paper feeding are a necessity, ethernet connectivity preferred over USB/FireWire (which are ok too i guess). The aim is to digitize an archive of a few hundred documents (mostly multi-page and double-sided photocopies of articles from scientific journals). I'm willing to purchase a simple document-management software separately if necessary. Please report actual experience, I've gone through the brochures of most vendors. And I've contacted several hardware suppliers (Canon, HP, Avision, all of which recommend Mac agnostic dealers) and local Mac shops (who unfortunately don't have any document management knowledge). Ideally I'd like to purchase a machine in the $1000 range.



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    I have only seens USB/firewire scanners for Mac. I only use single sided scanners so I can't talk about the pro class. You can get most to work with Image Capture, but since you are looking to do it over the network you will need something with software designed for mac.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    I know nothing about the hardware of these high-end scanners, but I would suggest two things

    - TWAIN support: built into some applications and handy

    - Check the website of Hamrick Software ( http://www.hamrick.com/) to see if his product VueScan supports the machine you are considering.
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    Fujitsu ScanSnap I've seen it recommended a bunch of times.

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