"Mac to Mobile"

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Frankly, it rocks and makes fantastic digital hub sense. It's also got a lot of potential for future applications.

I liked the mention of the planned ability to be able to synch iPhoto with mobile phones. I'm amazed how much of the imaging capabilities of my phone I use, and it's a right royal pain in the dupka to have to upload images to a WAP site before downloading them to my blower.

Knowing that phones like eg SonyEricsson P800 have a very very cool colour calendar built in I can say nunnights to my Palm finally.

Nunnights too to synching nightmares (STILL doesn't f-ing work 100% with OS X), nunnights to jabbing buttons on my phone to send SMS while at my desk, nunnights to getting my phone out of my bag (use headphones on my Mac to speak to mobile callers) ...

I was also DAMN surprised to hear the SE / Apple connection because I was just wondering how I was going to synch my nice new P800 with Palm Desktop. Answer: I won't, but I won't give a monkeys.

Other good shoite coming too ...
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