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OK, basically my problem is that Mail is somehow not retrieving my email messages, and when it tries, it just shows the spinning circle by the mailboxes and stops working. When I try to close the Mail window or quit Mail, the app freezes. I can get into it and read messages when it's offline, but obviously can't get any new ones.

It first showed up last night, and I can't figure out what started it, but it has endured past a restart, logging off AOL and logging back on (yes, I'm stuck on dial-up), replacing with a version off a MacBook, replacing the preferences file, and I've obviously tried quitting and re-opening Mail dozens of times. Nothing changed with regards to any of the accounts, or my ISP, as far as I know.

I have a 14" iBook @ 1.33 GHz. I'm open to ideas, and if this fails, I may switch back to Thunderbird.


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    Make another OS X user account, re-enter the setup info into its Mail prefs, and see what happens. That will tell you if it is a preference corruption in your original account.

    Or, you can go into ~/Library/Preferences and temporarily move the file

    to the Desktop and restart Mail and see what that does.

    If Thunderbird works, there's nothing wrong with your internet connection or the mail servers you are using.

    You can also try re-synchronizing the mailboxes in Mail. Right-click on a mail account and choose Synchronize.
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