blk macbook clock issue

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i purchased a black macbook and within a few days i've noticed that i have to adjust my calender/clock. is this an issue that anyone has experienced?


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    joeyjoey Posts: 236member
    I've had a black MacBook since launch without any problems. Are you using BootCamp by any chance? There have been some known funky issues with booting into Windows and then booting into OS X (this is not the case if you're using Parallels).
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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    i just switch over to windows when i need to use a windows applications, yet i just recently noticed that issue. i have yet to use the notebook on a daily basis, which i hope to do within the next few days.
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    Switching to Windows and back may alter the clock by whatever timezone difference you have. You can fix this by synching with an Internet time server upon startup.
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