iSync: What does it mean for Sprint CDMA users?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
My company has a contract with Sprint. We use their CDMA mobil phones.

I would love to use iSynch with my Palm, iPod and phone, but will it work with Sprint's phones? CDMA is not supported right? Just GSM?

Will Apple/Sont/Ericcson/SynchML be supported by current or future Sprint hardware/network?

And what about 3G? Doesn't it come into play somehow? 3G could be the rebirth of wireless technology, a paradigm shift for sure....


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    yurin8oryurin8or Posts: 120member
    doesn't iSync require bluetooth and SyncML support??? as for the other features such as dialing your mobile from the pc or sending an sms from the pc through the mobile...these all use bluetooth as well.

    it has nothing to do with GSM or CDMA. if you can find a CDMA phone with bluetooth and syncML support you're set.
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