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I'm in the market for a new notebook. I recently returned a defective MacBook and haven't purchased a new system because I've caught wind of the potential Merom release. I know anticipating Apple's upgrades can be difficult, but my understanding is that the first shipments of the Core 2 Duo processors have begun shipping for Apple and another company only. This leads me to believe a MacBook Pro update is on its way.

Normally I'd simply wait, but I have the option of purchasing a refurbished version of the last 15" PowerBook (Dual-Layer DVD-RW) for a little less than $1200. A bottom of the line Merom MacBook Pro (whenever it will be released) will probably cost me $1800.

I'd love the extra power, but I honestly just need a portable machine to run Aperture/Photoshop and to do some school work. If I decide on the PowerBook I'd probably resell it in about a year. Would I lose a lot of money over eBay, is it even worth it?

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    There's two different answers...reality and technology.

    The reality is that is you'd rather pay $1200 vs. $1800 and get a machine that will easily do what you want it to for 3 years or so, the PowerBook is a good buy.

    On the other hand, the technology in the Intel machines is more advanced, will offer the latest greatest OS X capabilities probably for up to 5 years vs. the 3 year life of the PowerBook, and is without a doubt more "powerful". Whether or not you'd notice the different in daily use depends on how demanding you are.

    For me, my personal opinion is that the purchase of any G3/G4/G5 machine right now is a definite mistake...if you're looking to future-proof yourself a little. I'd even say that anyone buying any of the current Intel models today without waiting 3 weeks to hear what happens is at WWDC is making a mistake! PPC is obsolete, Yonah is not, but Yonah will be entirely replaced by year-end. No question. Anyone saying otherwise is simply wrong. Even in the Mac mini, Merom by January 2007. Mark my words.

    If you can't wait 3 weeks, let alone until the end of the year, then I completely understand why Apple will sell plenty of machines between now and then. Just personally, I could never buy a Yonah machine now knowing that Merom/Conroe/Woodcrest are all shipping. It's just a geek thing...others behave differently.

    So back to your original question...the first two machines to move to Core 2 Duo models will be the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. Probably very close to each other, in the August/September range. So if you can wait 30-60 days, I would. If not, there is nothing "wrong" with the PowerBook. But it's definitely going to be 5 years from now just like my Grape iMac G3 is today: A system that was great for it's time, and still basically runs OS X, but with fewer and fewer of the new features being supported on the older machine. That is exactly why buying a non-Intel Mac now is, I feel, a mistake.
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    It's an interesting question - but how comes you don't also factor in the reburbished Yonah Mac Book Pros for $1600?

    Problem with the waiting for just WWDC is that there will probably be another wait till they ship, then another wait till people are sure thet don't glow in the dark or whatever it is...

    ..Probably it's best to wait for WWDC and just see what the hype is.... potentially.

    I'm in the similar boat.. ish maybe worse. My iBook G4 is litterally being held together. I now use an enormous G-clamp to keep the video card in place and so the Logic oard works...But still I waiting for WWDC!

    My options are

    1.5GHz Powerbook for £550

    reburb Macbook Pro for £960-1100

    Mac book obviously

    or wait for WWDC!

    I guess a year later the 1.67GHz PB may be... $700-800 - an absolute steal for a class machine! But no geeks would be interested as it wouldn't run full speed Windows apps or have the power to model your own Shrek on it, or master a full classical concert or whatever, program a trip to Mars etc etc.
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