Logitech MX3100

in General Discussion edited January 2014

Well after my Mighty Mouse scroll wheel has started to have problems I realized the many other problems with it. The biggest is most likely a personal thing as the mouse does not fit my hand well and, while gaming, becomes an annoyance.

So after a while of thinking about it, I have decided to get the Logitech MX1000 mouse. While looking around I discovered that the Logitech MX500 Cordless Desktop has a keyboard that comes with the mouse, for a resonable price. I figured if I was going spend $80 on a mouse, why not spend a bit more for a nice keyboard.

Here is my problem. The website doesn't list the keyboard to support Intel Macs (or any other kind of Mac for that matter). I want to know if anyone here has bought it and found that it works fine with Macs.

If they do not work, then if anyone has tried the MX3100 Desktop (they no longer make them) and it works or not, could you also respond?

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