Can't create local mailbox on my Mac

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Hey guys,

I've had this problem with my new MBP where I can't create a mailbox locally on my Mac. This is usually done inside the Mail program by: Mailbox -> New Mailbox -> On My Mac.

The error I get is: Mailbox Creation Failed. Unable to create path ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/test.mbox.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!


Here's the error message that is shown in my console log:

2006-07-26 23:04:18.244 Mail[5431] couldn't create partial directory path /Users/blah/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/test.mbox


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    axc51axc51 Posts: 98member
    For those of you guys who have also been experiencing some weird Mail problems, here's what I did to fix mine:

    For some reason, ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes sometimes is actually a file instead of a folder, thus causing the problem I was experiencing. Here are the steps to fix this:

    1. Verify/repair your disk first, as described here: The Repair functions of Disk Utility: what's it all about?

    2. Quit Mail

    3. Locate Mailboxes. If it's a file instead of a folder, move it to the Trash.

    4. Open Mail
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