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I'm looking for a online backup for the mac like Carbonite for the PC.

The sites I've found thus far for the mac seem to me as rip offs if you're trying to backup things like photos, movies, etc. 2GB is a joke and $50-300/mo for 50GB a rip-off in comparison the the $5/mo unlimited at Carbonite.



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    And it's not entirely unlimited. In fact, their "unlimited" claim is highly misleading and would probably be illegal to state in some countries.

    For example, you currently cannot upload more than 125 GBs of data:


    It seems, for now, anything over 125 GB will trigger an email from support stating that the user is trying to back up too much data [..] The 125 GB threshold is apparently a moving target that may change,

    There's apparently some other very vague and strange limits on the amount of upstream and downstream bandwidth per day.

    Finally, since the software is Windows-only, I am assuming that they don't provide WebDAV access, which, too, is a severe limitation.

    On the plus side, they apparently encrypt with 1024 bits, which is quite good.
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    Thanks. It doesn't do the automatic backup type stuff but since I'm mostly concerned with my photo library this works for now.
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