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What .mac needs is value-added service--if it is going to be $100 a year, there needs to be *something* that balances that beyond the extortion of getting to keep our own email addresses and webpages of our kids playing in the sandbox. Virus protection and some kind of half-assed backup doesn't cut it.

here's my proposal: dial-up access. Not full access, but national dial-up numbers, and every iTools account gets 20 hours a week free, after which they have to pay a nominal sum (say $1 an hour).

It doesn't replace your standard dial-up, but if you are on the road you can always dial in--the fact that folks can't stay on all the time limits traffic, and it's a nice backup feature that adds the kind of value people need, especially broadband adopters--it's nice to have a backup.

I'm not saying this puts .mac over the top, but it would really make a big difference to me.


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    And what then of us Mac and iTools users not living in the good ole US of A? I have another proposal:

    Dear Steve, Today you announced .mac, pronounced "dot mac" which replaces the previously free advertising I provided your company by emailing from my iTools account. In the two and a half years since you introduced iTools, both the demand for Internet services and the cost of providing them has increased dramatically. As a result, I'm no longer able to offer mac.com advertising for free. Instead, I am introducing a new paid membership program that will allow me to continually enhance and expand my advertising services offerings for you, my customer. And right now, you can save $50 off your first year of service, and only pay me $100 for each year thereafter. This will help offset my increasing internet services costs and to keep me advertising Apple and the Mac each time I send a .mac email. If you choose not to sign up, your advertising services will be turned off on September 30.
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    You said:

    "And what then of us Mac and iTools users not living in the good ole US of A?"

    Roll out in individual countries on a case-by-case basis--not perfect, but it still adds a hell of a lot of value at a reasonable price point for Apple.

    The rest of you comment is insipid whiny drek.
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    Guys, posting these "letters to Steve" here isn't going to do you any good. I suggest you use <a href="http://www.apple.com/feedback/mac/gtm.html"; target="_blank">Apple's .Mac Feedback page</a> to submit comments directly. Meanwhile, please stick with one of the several existing .Mac threads unless you really have a new subject to discuss.
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