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So I just bought myself a new logitech marble mouse and for the most part like it a lot. What I would like to know though, is this:

The 'mouse' only has four buttons. one is mapped to left clikc, the other to right click. I want to map button 3 to reference the ball like the kighty mouse ball... scroll up and down in a page while holding the button. (thus freeing up the fourth button for another purpose). My question to you all is how can I do that? I can map custom keystrokes, so is there a keystroke that makes the mouse movement act like the grabber hand in photoshop? Is there a common patch out there somewhere that would let me do this? or am I just out of luck?


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    I bought some software recently that customizes IO elements like that. I needed it for my PC keyboard to get the media keys working and I discovered I can do more than just reassign actions. I can attach scripts so that I can get a lot of custom behaviour.

    The software I got was controllermate:

    and it suports lots of different input devices. Perhaps since you have a mouse, usb overdrive would work for you but I think the kind of input you want might be beyond its capability.

    Controllermate builds up actions like logic panels. It looks complicated at first but it's pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.
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