Azereus Problem

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Complete mac newb, here so please bear with me! I just dl azereus, and installed it (draged it into the apps folder). But when i try to run it all that happens is the little frog bounces up and down on the doc... and nothing seems to launch. Any ideas? thanks!!!!


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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    Try a simple Search
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    Ok im also a new mac user, just downloaded azereus and all that happens to me is the little frog bouncing on the file icons but the software doesn't actually load up, any tips?
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    Under that link above you'll find another thread on this very topic. Basically you need to download the Intel version. That fixed it up for me.

    What I don't understand is that I couldn't find it the next day. O.o
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