Harddrive recommendations for a G4 PB12

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Ok, my faithful PB12 is just crawlingly slow. I Seems like it's slower than it used to be. I just reinstalled it yesterday (latest version of Tiger, clean install) and it's still ssslllooowww. Thing has 1.25gb of RAM, too.

So I'm thinking, I should put a 7200RPM drive in it instead of this 4200. That's really the only thing I can think of to make it a BIT faster.

I've read the instructions on replacing the drive on a PB12, and I can do that.

I'm concerned that a 7200RPM harddrive would be too hot and/or noisy, though. Anyone have any advice or recommendations?


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    thx 1138thx 1138 Posts: 16member
    Hitachi Travelstar 7K100-100GB

    Put one in my TiBook. Works like a charm. Boots up in less than half the time of the original 60GB 4200. Not heat issues either.

    Don't forget, you can get a 2.5 firewire enclosure and migrate your User from the old drive. Takes a little bit of transfer time, but it sure beats starting from scratch (though maybe that's not a big deal to you, since you just did a clean).
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    jethro1138jethro1138 Posts: 104member
    Yeah, migrating's not an issue - I usually just backup my homedir onto a network drive and then copy it back.

    Thanks for the drive recomm endation!
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