Somebody has stolen my ipod

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Hi, Some body has stolen my ipod one week back from my home. I dont know who has stolen exactly. Can any body suggest me how can i get back my ipod again? It is a gift to me. So I want to get it back.




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    It's probably gone in all honesty. You can call Apple and tell them your serial number and they'll flag it for you, but the best you can do is file a police report and kiss your iPod goodbye.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    If the user of a reported stolen iPod tries to connect to the Apple store, does anyone know if Apple can trace the serial number back to the user? Since the iPod has to be "registered" to a computer to transfer legit iTunes purchased music... I've been wondering about this...
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    probably was someone he or his family knew, most likely a younger person. i think that's a real reason for personalizing the ipod. when i was in atlantic city board walk, someone tried to sell me two ipods a mini and a click wheel($20 each ha ha), the mini had a girls name so i knew they were hot, i didn't do it out of respect for peoples property, the crackhead later sold it to an electronics store on the walk, but wouldn't buy the one with a name, since there is little way anyone would believe the store, and if they sell stolen stuff then the owner would get busted. to bad they have a lojack for an ipod or an way the ipod could call home. apple are you listening??? they have software for notebooks that can do that.
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    im sorry for your loss, but wondering if you think one of us did it??
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