Monitor and Mouse Selection

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I know it's a topic beat to death, but the industry changes so fast I need some help making the right monitor selection.

I am looking to buy a new Monitor mid-august for my G5 tower and was thinking to go for a LCD as I never have seen a CRT widescreen, and CRT is basically dead an all.

My needs include a pretty good response time as I'm into gaming (although I'm not really that picky as long as it isn't experience damaging), but I'm also doing a lot of writing which, thus text sharpness is a necessity to me. I don't really want to spend "too" much but am aiming for over 21" screen size.

Recently I was following a few leads people gave me, one of which pointed to the sub-$1000 Dell 24" Widescreen LCD (2407FPW) but a "Tom's Hardware Guide" review claimed that it has poor gaming performance -- but, they're pretty gaming-enthusiast so I don't know for sure if that's high expectation or not.

I'm also looking for a new mouse as my Logitech MX1000 is starting to jump around a lot and suffer shorter recharge life. I really have enjoyed the mouse, but the Logitech G7's replaceable Lithium Ion packs and slim dock is really a quite attractive buy. The problem is that the G7 has no divers for Mac, but I saw that "SteerMouse" does support the G7 in a USBOverdrive like way. Does anyone have any experience with a similar solution or the G7 mouse?

Any advice would be appreciate.


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    I use the Logitech S530 for Mac and love it to death man. The keyboard is real slim and the mouse fits perfect. It's only good if you dont need a plethora of buttons that you tap accidentally all the time. It just has the fwd/back/volume buttons.
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