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I just bought a Macbook and would love to transfer my music from my old PC to the Mac. I have a 20 GB iPod so I can store it easily but I don't know if I can "unload" the songs without downloading a program off the web.

I'm too scared to lose the music from the iPod if I plug it into the Mac. I've been burned before when my iTunes library was empty (what the Mac one is now) and thus it cleared everything off.

So should I just bite the bullet and download a program to get my songs off or is there another way?



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    That can only be done with 3rd party apps.

    Apple itself doesn't support that functionality due to DRM issues.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    The guy who sold me the Macbook was insistant that I could do it without downloading anything but I'll go with your suggestion! Is there a program anyone would recommend?
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    Senuti works well for me.
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    You can transfer your music without using third-party programs. What you need to do is go into the iPod options on the computer that has all your music on it right now. From there you need to click on the option that allows your iPod to hold other files. It is called "Enable Disk Use". Once that is checked you should clear all your music off your iPod. Then find your music library folder in your computer and move it on to the iPod. You will not be able to listen to music this way. Then on your MacBook go into iTunes and select in the options menu to not update when an ipod is plugged in. The option is called "Manually Manage Songs" or something like that. This will allow you to plug the ipod in without iTunes clearing everything off your iPod. From here click on the iPod icon on your desktop and move your music folder from the iPod to the desktop. I don't remember but now I believe all you need to do is import the music into iTunes. I hope that helps. That is how I moved all my songs and photos to my MacBook from my PC.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    Thank you ever so much! It worked perfectly. I hope anyone who took the time to write those programs doesn't read this.
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    maimezvousmaimezvous Posts: 802member
    Glad I could help.
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    The 3rd party apps are for folks who don't have the origional computer based music folder anymore... but still want to get the music off their iPod.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    That makes sense. : ) My Compaq crashed on me quite a few times but thank goodness for that iPod!
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