in Mac Software edited January 2014
I like iCal, but there are many things I do that lie outside the traditional calender model. More than just identifying appointments, etc, I need to define tasks. A task would typically have a begin/end date, short description, associated documents/files, and an estimate on percent completed.

Such functionality could be bundled into a small iApp, that works seamlessy with all others.

Some features I would like to see in iTask.

1. iCal integration. task begin and end dates (possibly milestones) should appear in iCal.

2. the ability to associate documents/files and applications with specific tasks.

3. task explorer. tasks ordered in terms of importance (or those not completed). tasks may be grouped, and assigned completion values (percentages).

4. similar to iCal, the ability to share tasks via web, iChat, etc. people will be able to see your progress if desired. the project manager could view the current tasks of staff in real time.


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