iPhoto makes duplicates?

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I was just searching for a photo I had cropped in iPhoto and found that my Mac saved both the original and the new version. Is there a way to get it to trash the originals? It seems like what could be a lot of space wasted when that builds up.


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    iPhoto saves the originals in case you don't like what you did to the picture. In some cases it's helpful, but in others not so much. Like when you correct red-eye. Who wants the original of a picture with red-eye?
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Find it in your "Original" file. High light it and in the finder / file select "Move to Trash". puff, it is gone. The modified image remains. It might be nice to have an option in iPhoto to delete original after it has been modified.

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    dutch peardutch pear Posts: 588member
    I prefer to be safe better than sorry and keep the originals. You never know what you want to do in 5 years when you digg up that old picture and find out all you have left is the cropped one while you really would like to use to original....

    As someone who has lost a couple of years worth of digital photo memories by not taking good care and not backing up, I always advise people to not throw the originals away and back them up instead.

    REMEMBER: you can ALWAYS do those editing steps again.

    You can NEVER get back to the original once you deleted it!!!!
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    I see your point, haha. There are a few photos I edited in Adobe PS that I did while still getting the hang of the application. Now that I know some better tricks I'd love to have those originals back.

    But yes it would be nice to have the option to not save them automatically. Perhaps it should ask the user if the original could be saved...
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    dutch peardutch pear Posts: 588member

    Originally posted by bec

    ... But yes it would be nice to have the option to not save them automatically. Perhaps it should ask the user if the original could be saved...

    Is the security of knowing the original can ALWAYS be retrieved really worth those few MB's of free hard disk space to you??

    I really believe the default behavior of just keeping the original untouched and creating duplicates for the few pics you edit is just great!

    Maybe future versions off iphoto will save just the editing procedures to render the edited versions. That is what aperture does (which i use since a few months) and it saves quite some disk space at the trade-off of higher system demands because everytime you view the edited image it is rendered anew from the (untouched) original.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    No, not at the moment it doesn't matter, but I'm thinking long term. My camera takes large photographs - 8 MP, and I tend to take a lot of photos. I'm thinking over time this will take up a lot of space in my case, but I'll jump that hurdle when I get there.
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
    There's a freeware program called iPhoto Diet that will go through and remove the original photos for you... if you feel like you're running out of room. (BTW, I recommend the excellent free OmniDiskSweeper for figuring out where your HD space really goes.) Some people seem to have experienced mishaps, though, so be careful and back up your data first.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,491member

    Originally posted by dutch pear

    "...when you digg up that old picture..."

    C'mon, is Kevin Rose really that influential? He's actually changed the English language!
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    Thanks Hobbes - I've only owned this thing for two days and I'm already down to 40 GB that are free. O.O Yay for DVD burners.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Pictures are not that bad on space. When I get up to around 10,000 I will remove all but about 3,000. iPhoto slows down after 12,000 on mine, Pb 17 G4 1.67. I like to have a background of pictures rotating, that is why I keep my favorite rolls. Also the best thing you can do is do regular backup's of your pictures. I have a 300 GB firewire drive that I use for photos. As long as you don't store movies on your machine you can make it last a long time.

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