What can we expect of .Mac?

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I am a current iTools user and plan to wait until after Jaguar is released to decide whether I'm paying.

Why? The e-mail from Apple I got and the paged linked to by it both suggest that there is more to it than what they're saying.

".Mac will just keep getting better. In fact, there are several great new services coming with the release of Mac OS X v10.2. So stay tuned."


"...you'll discover several other invaluable features, with more on the way."

What will I discover? Why the heck is Apple making us discover the cool stuff, why not tell us what the heck it is?


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    I think they were referring to iCal and iChat since most regular people don't watch the keynote and don't know about things like that yet.

    I hope you're right and there is more though. The current offering is okay, but it doesn't really justify the price for most people.

    I'll wait until 10.2 comes out too to make a final judgment. However, the way it is now, I find it much easier to switch to something like the free softhome.net service than to pay $49.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    In this case I'd say they refer to iCal and iSync but I am quite certain there will be more additions to .Mac down the line.
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