30 GB iPod not reading some songs

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Before I purchased this 30 GB iPod I had a 20 GB, quite an old model too. I just transferred the music over to my new computer and tried to get the 30 GB iPod to update with the iTunes library. However, it did not download about 35 songs. These songs were loaded just fine on the other iPod. Do they differ in any way so that the 30 GB is more finicky?


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    Were these songs purchased from the iTunes music store? If so, you have to authorize them to play on your computer. Other than that the only thing that I can think of is that the song file isn't in the right place, but I really don't know about that.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    The beauty of Mac is that it seems to know where to find the song, hehe. But no, not from iTunes. Mostly from CD's.

    I'll hopefully figure out which are missing and why by...*gulp*...doing some spring cleaning with the music collection.
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    Sorry I'm not much help in this area. I sort of had this problem when I transferred my music. I was missing only a few, but it turns out that I had just put them in a different folder on my PC, and I didn't transfer that folder. I hope you find out what's wrong.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    Thank you : )

    My genius plan of action is to play it through, see where the exclamation marks are, and look for a pattern.

    The catch is it'll take about five full days, lol.
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    Haha. That's where I was lucky. I only have about 3 gb of music so it didn't take me long to realize what was wrong. Good luck.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    Down to 5.2 GB now, lol.

    Anyway, it turns out iPod is smarter than iTunes. iTunes had two copies of some songs, but the iPod would only take one. Once I found and deleted the duplicates the track numbers matched.
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    Glad you found the problem. Careful when you delete duplicate songs. When I did this I didn't pay close enough attention and I delete some duplicates that I meant to have. As in single tracks and compilation tracks that I also had the CD for. I'm glad I didn't delete anything that I really miss.
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