StuffIt Universal Binary??

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does anyone have any news as to whether or not there is a planned revision of StuffIt for universal binary?


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    Here is a direct link to the stuffit 10.1beta Universal

    It is still work as I just tried it before posting

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    bj85bj85 Posts: 7member
    Thanks for the link, I'll try it once I get home. I used a PPC version on the Intel machine once, and when trying to stuff or unstuff files the "estimated time remaining" figure kept growing larger and larger, till it reached into the millions of hours and ultimately never finished the task....has anyone experienced the same thing?
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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    That does not surprize me as it does the same thing to me on a iMac G5 PPC

    The number seems to get larger rather than the other way around.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,219moderator
    I really hate Stuffit. Now they are making you fill in a form before downloading. I really wonder what goes through people's heads when they purchase the compression software. I mean duh, we have dmg and bzip for free now that don't require the user to install anything.
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