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Ok - can I use airport express and my iBook without an internet connection, just to use the AirTunes function? I don't mean to supply my iBook with some magical internet capacity, but just to create a connection that will feed my tunes to the speakers, wirelessly, without necessarily having a wireless connection to begin with.

Also, how good is Airport Express at maximizing the signal from third-party WiFi networks?

You might see what I'm driving at; I'm moving into an apartment in NYC that is apparently saturated with various wireless networks, but I won't be generating one myself and want to know if I can still use AirTunes even if none of these supposed networks will connect, or, if they are connecting, whether I would benefit from using Airport Express to extend the third-party signal.



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    You might have to creat a VPN (virtual private network). I've tried doing it before, and I'll just tell you, I'm not the one to help you out on this. Tell me if I'm right or wrong on this guys.
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    Yes, Airport Express can create LAN network, without connection to Internet. Stealing wifi connection from someone else is a bit questionable, and propably should not be talked here, but if you take your iBook where your AE is going to be located and it can get wifi signal, it's very likely your AE can as well.
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