upgrading the macbook and the MBP

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if i wanted to upgrade the macbook's memory, whether it was the Ram, or the harddisk, can i just take the cheapest option available, then replace it on my own?

is that possible with macbookd.. and MBP ?? or just with the macbook??

i found a 120gb Seagate (160$) .. now thats a bargain.


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    Back when I had a 15" macbook pro I upgraded it to a 7200rpm hard drive. I found a video of someone doing it. It wasn't too difficult, but you did have to take apart the computer, so if you aren't comfortable with that then I wouldn't recommend it. Also, the breathing hole on the 7200RPM drive was right under the connector wire, so I had to figure out a way around that.

    The MB is pretty straight forward for the hard drive and ram, anyone can do that.

    Keep in mind that you need a 2.5" SATA drive, not a standard notebook IDE drive.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    so how do you migrate the old hd to the new one.? for example you could get a new mb then get one of those 7200 160gb then whenyou get it swap immediately then use the basic one as a backup. so you'd buy the smallest hd and ram. i'm not sure how much you'd save. you basically eat the cost of the original hd.
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    The easiet way would just be to back up your home folder to an external HD, install the new HD, format it, install OSX, then copy your home folder back.

    You also use a disc cloning application (there are some free ones) and clone the drive to an image on another mac by connected it via target disc mode.

    Lots of options. Unfortunately there arent too many 2.5" sata to USB devices out there, all of which aren't cheap. They are worth it is it is something you do often, but otherwise a waste.

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    saudsaud Posts: 75member
    Can i have 2 HD's in either the macbook or the MBP ?

    what about the power consumption, would it sacrefice alot in battery life?
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