Help - Wireless Internet Woes

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey All

i just moved house and the new computer room has no phone jack for my DSL modem. so i thought i might try and get a wireless thing happening.

i looked through my box of computer goodies and found an apple airport express. so i thought - could i plug in the express near the phone jack and plug the DSL modem into the airport express and beem the internet to my powermac in the next room.

is this going to work or am i barking up the wrong tree.

or do i need the airport base station with modem in it??

or is my settings just wrong. am i just a dumbass who doesnt know how to get wireless internet to work.

any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.


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    If your cable modem lets you connect with ethernet cable, it should work well, just connect adsl modem and airport with ethernet cable. I'm not sure if airport base stations can connect to net over usb.
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