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Does anyone know of a program so that I could keep track of how often other people are on, like is there a log that keeps track of this in unix?

I'm looking for somone taht tells me when somone logs on and when somone logs off ,any ideas? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


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    bluejekyllbluejekyll Posts: 103member
    from the terminal you can type:

    w -&gt; tells you who is currently logged in.

    last -&gt; tells you the last logins from the wtmp file

    ac [user] -&gt; tells you how much time (total) a user has been on the system.

    /var/log/wtmp is the log file that contains all login information. It is not in ascii.

    I have never used any tools to monitor the system to say when someone logs in, but I'm sure you can do it somehow.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
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