How to connect at at wireless hot-spot?

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I am flying tomorrow. I have airport wireless in my Macbook. In case there is a hot-spot at the airport, how would I know it and how can I connect to it? At home I have an Airport Express router, so I can connect to my ISP using my network and password, how would I know the ID and password for a hotspot?

Thanks and sorry about asking such a dumb question



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    Depends on the airport. Last time I was in an airport when you pulled up your browser it automatically directed you to their hub page where you could freely access the weather and flight info and it gave you information on how to pay for full service.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Ah, OK thanks
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    Originally Posted by tilt

    Ah, OK thanks

    I've always gotten a pop-up as soon as it detects the hotspot. It asks you if you want to join the network. Then yeah, some networks make you go through a web page first before you can get email and other stuff.
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