External Firewire HDD's

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After my Lacie d2 HDD developed a power issue and Lacie technical support have done sweet FA to help me out, I am now on the market for a new external hard drive or 2.

What do people recommend to get and recommend to stay away from??

I have been looking at the Western Digital Book Pro with the Triple interface, has anyone used them??


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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    Haven't used them, but I'd agree that WD seem to have a good reputation, the features are good, and it looks much better than the Seagate ones, which are the other brand that I would recommend.

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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member
    Seagate's reliability is technically better than WD, but neither fail with any regularity. Also, WD tend to get warmer.

    I'd get whichever's cheaper and looks more durable, as the differences are negligible.

    Part of my job is testing hard drives for a parts reseller.. hundreds upon hundreds of them. WD and seagate have the best survival rate. Maxtors are hit or miss based on the model, and deskstars are a joke (I think they're fine as long as they're kept cool and not jostled).

    Also, WD also function better in warm weather. I guess they get warmer but they also don't care. I got one up to 200 degrees once and it still passed a sector test.

    Yeah uh.. don't buy from my company
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    Cheers guys, I have opted for the WD My Book Pro for the triple interface and the 3 Year Warranty. Plus it comes with some top back-up software.

    I can hearterly not recommend LACIE....there are deffinately Power Issues, my drive is less than a year old and already the PSU has given up. Lacie customer service is terrible and in the UK there is no phone number for them. You email and hope they get back to you, I emailed several times before getting a reply.
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