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This is a dumb question but I can't seem to figure it out what font is it that Apple users, on its site and in their software? Also where can I download this font? Thanks, everyone. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


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    Apple is now adopting Myriad for use on the website and promotional material. You can buy it from Adobe here:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    No, you can't get it for free. That would be software piracy. There may be other similar typefaces you can find online for free, but I don't know of any.

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    arbernautarbernaut Posts: 182member
    I think Myriad gets installed when you install Adobe Acrobat.
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    brianmacosbrianmacos Posts: 548member
    Hmm.. I got Adobe Acrobat on my system but I don't have that font. I have Adobe Photoshop 6 on my system which runs under classic. Now I just installed a bunch of new fonts and they won't come up in my Adobe Photoshop, I have tried restarting and every thing. Do I have to go in to classic and install them there to in order to use them in Photoshop?
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    Classic apps, if I recall correctly, need their fonts to be stored in the Font folder under the OS9's System Folder. They won't find the fonts stored in OSX's font folders.
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    squashsquash Posts: 332member
    Brad's right about this. You need to put the fonts into the fonts folder in the system folder of OS 9.
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