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MACWORLD 2007....I'm calling it. This wont come out in spring. It will be ready my MacWorld. Just like the intel transition was supposed to take all the way to 2007 to be completely transitioned, it took them even shorter than that. I think we will have it to own by then. He's gonna talk about it and show the new features, then "one more thing" its shipping today(or this month). Im gonna go ahead and call that one.


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    I see Macworld being a lot about Leopard - all the consumer Features that the Steve left out. But I don't know if they release at MWSF. They release there if they must to beat Vista. Otherwise, Feb. release party (if Vista is delayed, or a March release)
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    mr. dirkmr. dirk Posts: 187member
    Nah, I don't think so. Remember, this is basically the same time-frame that Tiger was demoed in, and it was released in the Spring after Macworld. Without actually having seen the marketing numbers from inside Apple, I think the "build-up" and buzz that went into the Tiger release (parties, etc.) probably helped a lot with initial sales. Announcing Leopard "shipping today" at MWSF may not be as effective. Not to mention that Apple doesn't want to screw over developers that plan for a spring introduction, with an intro that's at least 2 months too early.

    My prediction: Steve will announce the exact date Leopard ships.
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