Upgrade the old, in the with the new

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hello everyone, my first post here was going to be about whether or not there was going to be an intel based power mac, and my questions have already been answered on the apple website! So it looks like I will be getting a 20 inch iMac, the only real advantage the new Mac Pro has is fatter CPU's which would cut down my render times even more than a new shiny iMac would, not enough to justify having a much less impressive graphics card, no mini remote + front row etc etc.

Anyway, my real question is, with so many companies making intel chipset motherboards, has anyone yet made an intel board that would fit my old Powerbook G4 15" Chasis? I had some fun bodging an old G4 tower and using a hookey copy of osx 10.4 for intel, and some minor work to make the board fit the G4 tower chasis.

I have seen 3rd party CPU upgrades for the PPC motherboards, but how about a whole new board?

Also when my new iMac arrives with osx for intel, is it possible to install it straight onto another intel box? like the bodge job of a powerbook I am proposing?

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