Upgrading to a new ipod

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Hi there,

I currently have a 3rd generation ipod and will soon be upgrading to a new ipod. I mainly use my ipod in my car, so I will need an FM transmitter and a car charger. Will my old 3rd generation ipod car charger work with the new ipods, or will i need to get a new one? I currently have an itrip, but I know that won't work with the new ipods. So whats a good FM transmitter to get, but is also not too expensive? My old itrip has served me reasonably well, but apparently the new itrips dont allow you to charge with a car charger, because they only have a mini usb charging port, and I have yet to see a mini usb car charger. So, I'm looking for a new, good FM transmitter, that also allows me to charge my ipod in the car, because I take alot of long trips. Also, does anyone know any good cheap ipod cases/covers? I don't want anything bulky or fancy, just something that will keep it from getting scratched and scuffed and protect it pretty well if I drop it. Thanks for your time and any info will be much appreciated.


ps- any ideas for what I should do with my old 3G ipod once I upgrade? hehe.
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