Has anyone played with iCal?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Anyone here got to play with iCal at the Expo or anywhere else? I would like to know what you think of it. How useful is it? Innovative and intuitive? If it's as good as Steve makes it out to be then I will definately make the switch from OS 9 to 10.2 and get myself an iPod to boot!!

I've been waiting for an application like this from Apple since they started releasing iApps. iCal and iSync would be a Godsend!



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    Pardon my history but:

    Wasn't Palm Desktop originally the Claris application, and wasn't Claris originally part of Apple?

    I too am curious about iCal - Palm Desktop hasn't changed an iota in years (at least on the Mac). It is still exactly like it was when it was from Claris - I loved it then but no progress in all that time is shameful (course Palm hasn't been known for progress).

    I would imagine iCal is going to be the same as all the iApps - very easy to use, great for mom, pop and casual use, but not industrial strength.
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