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in Mac Software edited January 2014

I'm glad to announce you that we made a new release inside the 1.2 version of <oXygen/> XML Editor.

You can download it from: <a href="http://oxygen.sync.ro/download.html"; target="_blank">http://oxygen.sync.ro/download.html</a>;

You can run it right now online at <a href="http://oxygen.sync.ro/applet/"; target="_blank">http://oxygen.sync.ro/applet/</a>;

Application main site <a href="http://oxygen.sync.ro"; target="_blank">http://oxygen.sync.ro</a>;

See below a description of the new features:

* XPath support was improved

The result list of nodes is presented in a tab located at the

bottom of the editor. When the user clicks on an item from the list, the

text section corresponding to the selected node will be highlighted.

Double-clicking or pressing ENTER over the selection will move the cursor at

the beginning of the highlight.

* Schema driven code insight follows closely the schema structure

Now only the valid elements in a given context are presented by the code insight instead of all possible elements in a given context. For instance if a given element has as model a sequence formed by "a", "b" and "c" the code insight will offer only element "a" immediately after the given element. Before all three elements were offered.

* Mac support

We addressed some of the specific problems on Mac the most important being the empty dialogs that used to appear for some of the options.

* No more interference from Java extensions

We use our custom class loader to load the application classes so there will not be problems anymore with extensions loaded instead of the application jars.

Best regards,

Stefan [email protected]


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