Which iApps would show real benefit from a faster processor?

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OK I'm not quite a standard Mac user (I use Digital audio apps regularly) but I do use all the iApps as well as Office and a few games on a daily basis. My 450 Cube has a gig of Ram and fast HD already.

My question is about software (I'm getting there ) Is it worth upgrading the processor to say 1Ghz if the iApps dont really shown any difference in performance? And also, Do you think future Apple comsumer software will make higher demands on processors? I ask this as iTunes3 seems to be less demanding then 2.0.4 was? Sorry lots of questions


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,276member
    iPhoto seems to require some processing power as well as iCal. I dont' know why however.

    If Apple eventually creates an app that does video and ties into iMovie then I could see that taking some processing power as well.
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    iDVD for sure... iDVD takes a #$%^ing long time to encode video to MPG2 for a DVD. So, I would put my money on iDVD for better performance.
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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    I agree with Bio, iDVD requires gigantic processing power. On my iMac/800 it takes about 4 hours to burn a 90 minute DVD... but it's not the burning itself that takes so long, it's the rendering stage.

    But iMovie also requires a lot of power, and iPhoto... I don't know about iCal, but iTunes MP3 encoding will also speed up with a faster processor.

    I'd say if you're planning on keeping that Mac for a long time and not getting a new one, then the upgrade will be worth it. But Apple is very likely announcing some new hardware next month that should prove to be significantly faster than anything they're offering right now, so if you're considering getting a new Mac any point in the forseeable future you might want to watch these new ones. and then decide whether upgrading your current one will get it done for you.
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