DVD-Audio Discs: how to extrac audio to iTunes

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have a number of DVD-Audio discs (not video DVDs, but DVD-Audio, a "new" format for music discs).

I'd like to put the audio (in conventional stereo format, of course) into iTunes (and ultimately my iPod).

I've searched around, but haven't come across any applications that I'm sure will do this. (Most seem to focus on ripping video and audio from DVDs).

Can anyone point me to something? I think the process wouldn't be different from doing the same thing for regular movie DVDs.



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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 541member
    Can Handbrake RIP the tracks? Then you could just use Quicktime to convert to MP3 or whatever...
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    Not sure about handbrake. I forgot I had Audio Hijack. I tried that it it worked great (created one long mp3 file). Now have to see how to split it into individual tracks (using GarageBand, I guess...)
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