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I received the below message from new member Alanalea - she hasn't had her acccount approved yet, so I thought I might post this here. If you can think of something that I didn't that might help please respond to this message.

Originally Posted by alanalea

Hi Graham, just discovered this forum through a Google search to solve the mystery of why some of the mp3 files I downloaded free and legally (seminar speakers) to Quicktime mp3 files, show and play fine in iTunes, but won't transfer to my iPod Photo. Would you have any suggestions? I'm still waiting for the admin approval to be able to post to the board, but need to get these sound files on my iPod ASAP. Since it is only these files on a playlist that are not transfering, I'm wondering if there is different coding in the mp3 files made by Quicktime that is the problem.

Cheers from Blaine,


iTunes is built on a Quicktime framework, so there shouldn't be any problems there. I can't be sure of the issue without looking at the actual files.

I can suggest a low-tech solution that tends to work for transfer issues - try burning the mp3's to CD as an "Audio disc" (found under preferences, advanced, burning). Then rip the CD back to iTunes - name the new MP3's the way you want them named and transfer them to your iPod. That should do it.

Let me know if that does or doesn't work. Cheers,



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    er, click on the songs and go to the 'advanced' menu, then click 'convert selection to AAC'. that should do the job.

    oh yeh, you may want to delete the origional files if you want to dave space.
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