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I take all my pictures in RAW. My question is, since RAW images are so huge, what's the best way to store these pictures in the long run. I'd like to convert them to JPG when I'm done making adjustments and discard the original RAW images. The only way I know to do this is to export them to JPG, but then they're no longer in Aperture, and all the meta data I've put on them is gone when I re-import them into Aperture or iPhoto.

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with this problem?


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    Originally Posted by DeaPeaJay

    what's the best way to store these pictures in the long run.

    To leave them as RAW. That's the only way to preserve all data. Converting to another format would lose you at least some of the detailed information RAW stores about your photo (lens data and all), and in JPEG, would lose you actual image information due to compression.
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    Get an external hard disk space. Hard disk space is SOO cheap now, it's like pennies per RAW negative.
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    Once I've made the adjustments in RAW, I don't see any quality difference when converted to JPG in high quality (12).

    I have an external drive with plenty of space. But, I'm on a laptop with maybe 9 GB available, and I'd want to keep the latest photos in Aperture (the past year or so). So I guess I should just focus on archiving the old photos and keeping the latest... In raw since I guess there's no way to convert to jpg without losing all the metadata... darn.
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