New iPod with OS X?

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Check this video out that was posted on Google today.

It's an iPod which is running OS X as you would a normal computer.

WTF??? I hope this is real- you could sync with your entire computer- smallest mac ever!!



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    benjbenj Posts: 68member
    here's the same iPod using Safari

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    user23user23 Posts: 199member
    I'm fairly certain this ilk of video has been debunked as someone recording the desktop of their mac...then transferring the video to their iPod.

    Not owning a video iPod, I don't know about the feasability of such a trick.
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    shady104shady104 Posts: 332member
    someone with no life and alot of time i could see that as being a possible answer to the mystery.
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    benjbenj Posts: 68member
    Ahhahaaaha you got me-- yeh this is a little App I made for my iPod to make it appear like it's running OSX- it's a little joke I played on my mates telling em I could get internet access over wireless- It is fully scrollable and usable but very limited as scrolling is the only thing you can do! If you want to know how to do it (and don't think I'm an arsehole for spreading silly impractical rumours) I'll post tomorrow! I just like smart arses telling me this is an old clip when I only made it today!

    Please forgive me- I have gullible friends who I showed it to and they were in awe! I should have known better than to try and do seasoned pros over!

    Sorry :P


    PS I have a lot of time to waste! (I have a life but was very bored and it was easier than you could possibly imagine!)
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    Originally Posted by BenJ

    here's the same iPod using Safari


    Oh, look, here's the same thread in one than more forum.

    I'm closing both of them.
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