Apple iPods 60GB, 120GB Seagate Hard Drive

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Seagate has announced that they will be launching a new 1.8" Hard Drive for the iPod in December. iPods have had the 60GB limit for quite some time and it is proposed that their new rumored iPod will be released and break the current maximum storage capacity.

Nice news, but it's more the pic that caught my eye


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    applepiapplepi Posts: 365member,1,00.html

    I don't see it. Where did you get this info and this picture?
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    kroehlkroehl Posts: 164member
    Originally Posted by

    This is currently just speculation, the image is also just a concept. (Seagate has announced the 120GB drive but they have not yet promised its use in the Apple iPod.) However, it is very possible....sorry about the mix up guys.

    Nothing to see here, guys. Move along.
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    I like this one

    except without the ugly volume bar.
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    Originally Posted by playcrackthesky

    I like this one

    except without the ugly volume bar.

    I'm not sure about any of this, but I know Apple will come out with a new iPod soon, and it will surprise us. A capacity increase is almost certain, as is a larger screen. But I have a feeling that Apple will think of something a lot more clever than a touchscreen... don't think those complaints about smudges and scratches have gone unnoticed! I'd say the interface probably will work though the protective film or hard plastic of a case. Not that I know for sure. I AM interested to find out what they'll decide on though.
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    More storage isn't really the answer. TOuch screen would be cool, they'll have to work on a bomb proof coating for the screen though to make it work, the screen on the current Ipods is nice, but it's too easilt scratched.

    I think they may go for some funky slider on the side while still turning the front into a full screen. That would work. IF you look at the way you grip it, you can defiantely add buttons along the side to control it, hell, you could even make it left or right handed!!
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