AAC on Sony Ericsson phones

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Can someone who has a Sony Ericsson phone confirm for me whether the phones such as V603i, V800i etc can play any iTunes AAC file as a ringtone? If so, how do you get the music onto the phone? On the website it says it can play DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected files as ringtones. I'm interested in one of these phones but the most important feature I want is the ability to play any song in my iTunes library as a ringtone.


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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    No, it won't play your DRM'd iTMS songs. Those phones WILL play AAC, but not the DRM ones. The DRM that quote is referring to is DRM from Vodaphone, those phones won't play un-voda-DRM'd ringtones. You would transfer the files via USB cable. Get the Z800i, it is the exact same as the V800, but no Vodaphone crap. Or get a newer phone, those ones are old.
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