Does your unprotected iPod get scratched?

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By unprotected, I mean, not having a case on it that stays on during use, (i.e. the click wheel can be used, display is visible, while the case is on). You should have answered with one of the negative answers in my connected poll, "Do you have a case on your iPod?"

Please comment on how long you've had it for.


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    I have had my nano since March, hardly any scratches.
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    becbec Posts: 68member
    I've had my 20 GB iPod since...well they first came out, so I'm guessing three years? More? Sure, there are some scratches but it's not a big deal. What I do notice and get "emotional anxiety" over is that someone grabbed it too hard and there's a sort of rainbow half sphere on my display screen. But that's misuse.
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    I've dropped my iPod so many times, the entire back is completely shiny with scratches.
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