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On 9.2.2 with Epson Photo 810 I got a problem of printing.

The problem is that the chooser is losing the printer port. I open the

chooser and mark the printer icon in the left pane, then on the right

pane the port printer, in my case iMac 800, the usb port is seen and highlighted.

My problem: from time to time the ability to print vanished. I send a

pile to backup printing, or to direct printing, and after the document

is spooling, no printing happens. Then, after rebooting, the USB port

reappears on the right pane, and I can printing again. After few

moments, and working with other applications, and trying once again to

print, problems, and I have to reboot again.

I have reinstalled the printer software several times, from the original

CD, and from d/led drivers from Epson site. To no avail.

Any help is welcomed.


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